"I think Mr. Formanek is currently the biggest specialist in the field of content marketing in our country. He radiates passion and experience. And most importantly, he provides practical advices for implementation. Finally, after a long time, inspiring course from practice. A compulsory course for every traditional marketer."

Dr. Pavel Friedrich - Dotykacka/vision 2.35/Pygmalios/Stock


"I've learned a lot of new things. Professional presentation and delivery, entertaining, interesting, beneficial."

Dalibor Pálka - Royal Event s.r.o.


"I liked the presentation a lot. I’ve seen many people already and I can appreciate that you’re pretty kick-started and you have a flow. Thank you, a lot of inspiration and life energy."

Ing. Kristýna HYTYCHOVÁ, MBA - BORS Holding s.r.o.


"After todays workshop I'm loaded with ideas, inspiration, I have an open mind but simultaneously I've gained inner tranquility and amenity."

Adéla Kopcová - AROMATICA CZ, s.r.o.


"Thank you for such a burst of energy and positive vibes. You are an amazing teacher!"

Barbora pokorná - víno hruška


"Thank you for an excellent and practical lecture!"

Helena Jochmanová - VVV MOST spol.s.r.o.


"Thank you for a valuable seminar with specific examples and explanations of individual issues."

Karel Heis - PekaŘství Malinová, s.r.o.


"Super lecture full of practical suggestions and advices."

Hospodářská komora ČR - Jak tvořit lepší obsah


"Mr. Formanek is the BEST TRAINER :-) Thanks for your inspiration. I’m looking forward to seeing you again."

Andrea Husáková - STAVEBNÍ FIRMA PLUS s.r.o.


"Milan is a renaissance man I've never seen before. Always with a clear vision but also very creative. Never stand aloof but always engaging and help as much as he can. We did a lot of projects and it was always really amazing cooperation. Not many people like him!"

Dan Vojtěch - global top photographer


"Cooperation with Milan is always very pleasant, he is always trying to deliver something extra in each project. He pro-actively monitors new trends in digital media. From my point of view his work is strategical and creative. His quality of work is at very high standard."

Martin BAča - founder at swallow studio


"Milan is a real professional and enthusiast in digital marketing. His innovative approach is a delight to witness and together with his friendly, always smiling personality makes him a great colleague."

štěpán veselský - demokracie21, MSD


"Milan is one of very few Czech Digital professionals that I'd recommend. He's a great guy and it was always pleasure to work with him on high level projects for Red Bull. I'd recommend him for any position in Digital and Communications."

Adam Reinberger - seeding media


"Having worked with Milan for a number if years I know him to be a genuinely creative mind, a trendsetter/ spotter not follower and someone who is at the forefront of the constantly evolving boundaries of the digital world. A forthright communicator who is an true asset to this business."

Chris Hunt - Red Bull EE General Manager


"I used to worked with Milan on several projects for Red Bull. Milan brought in these projects always very professional and absolutely unique solutions in new media. His videos, commercials and reports were innovative and brilliantly solved on technical and dramaturgical side. I definitely recommend Milan as a real professional and experienced expert."

Aleš Burger - CEO at Next Level


"Perfect digital function is important but little when lacking creativity. Milan is not just a manager, he is a master of mixing both."

Antonin Kopp - Creative Director at LAB-AD


"Milan is very creative and has a professional and original approach to everything he does. He has his own head and there is plenty of awesome ideas in it."

Josef Švejda -


"I highly recommend working with Milan, because he knows what he is doing, and he is doing it with passion. He is really good in creating and executing marketing campaigns, be it the conventional way, guerrilla or viral."

Jakub Červenka - Bedna films


"Working with Milan was really inspiring. He is always one step ahead of you. Milan had clear vision of a project and kept all participants on right course. He is a great moderator and networker."

Lada Brůnová - Elpida, Pleon


"Milan is one of those young marketing tigers. He always comes up with fresh ideas and personally I could always rely on him. It's a pleasure to work with Milan."

Lukáš Janoušek - Twisto, Epico, Comunica, Gorila Mobile


"Milan is an energetic pro who knows exactly how to do his job."

Václav Pavlečka - Air Ventures, STARTUP WORLD CUP & SUMMIT


"Meeting with you was very inspirational. I’ve received a lot of tips on what to do differently and how, what to improve and quality feedback on my business. It moved me further and charged me with a new energy and desire to try and test new things."

David Makovský - Mementerra s.r.o.


"Great lecture, wonderful attitude, presentation. Definitely recommend…"



"Excellent speech for me, many interesting topics examined I didn’t expect. And it made me think several times. I liked mentioned trends, predictions, habits and culture."



"Exquisite inspiration for personal growth and new trends in marketing. A change of view on work and motivation."



"Grand lecture. Inspiring. Creative. Practical. An illustrative example of when two are doing the same it's not the same!"

Pavel Lakomý, State veterinary administration CZ


"Very good training. Enormous benefit on both my working and personal levels. A lot of practical info."